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10 Best Cheap Hair Dryers 2017

The cost of beauty and hair care products adds up quickly, even if you are a budget-conscious shopper. Naturally, that leaves you wanting to find the best of the best among cheaper products so that you don’t have to sacrifice too much quality for the money you

10 Best Professional Hair Dryers 2017

Wondering what you should be looking for in a good hair dryer? Or, maybe you’re curious whether those fancy settings and numerous attachments are really worth the extra spend. If you’re shopping for the best professional hair dryer to use in your business or one to give

10 Best Hair Dryers for Frizzy Hair 2017

If your frizzy hair experience is just as challenging as ours, then you know that styling products alone aren’t going to tame your mane. You also need the right hair dryer. The problem is that if you spend just a little time browsing online for hair dryers,

10 Best Lightweight Hair Dryers 2017

Have you ever thought that your blow dryer is too heavy or that styling your hair is hard because you can’t hold the dryer properly? Considering that getting the perfect hairdo can sometimes take hours, your hands will start to cramp up, tingle or just become numb

10 Best Hair Dryers for Thick Hair 2017

Drying your hair is the first step in styling your hair as you head out to work or any other outdoor event. After a good wash and clean up, your hair is left all wet and damp. Air drying your hair is one way to dry your

10 Best Round Brushes for Blow Drying 2017

Hair blow drying is one hair styling essentials that women have to go through on a daily basis for best look as they head out. But how do you blow dry your hair and attain ample volume at the same time? You use a round bristle brush

10 Best Blow Dryers 2017

Should you buy a ceramic or Tourmaline blow dryer? Should you go for a DC motor or an AC motor? What wattage is ideal and what settings should you look for? These are some of the questions that will run through your mind when you are searching

10 Best BaByliss Hair Dryers 2017

Everyone’s favorite Italian brand – BaByliss – has quite a wide range of products to choose from in the hair dryer category, but which ones are actually worth the purchase? We asked ourselves the same thing when our dryer bit the dust and decided to do some

Best Hooded Hair Dryer for African American Hair 2017

African American hair is a little bit thicker and fuller than most hair types such as Asian hair. This make handling African American hair somehow complicated and involving. This calls for extra care and attention when it comes to selecting hair care products for African Americans. This

10 Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair 2017

When you have hair that is already fine with no volume, the last thing that you want is to damage it further with the wrong hair dryer. Whether we like it or not, we live in a time when hair dryers are indispensable – and luckily, there