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10 Best Brushes for Curly Hair 2017

The brush is probably the biggest enemy of curly hair, right next to humidity and sulfates. Choose the wrong brush, and you will create more frizz and will probably lose quite a bit of curl as you pull the strands apart. Thankfully, no trial and error is

10 Best Boar Bristle Brushes 2017

Countless brush types and designs have entered the market throughout the years, but probably the most celebrated is the boar bristle brush. What makes this brush unique is the fact that it uses actually boar bristles, which are harvested through a process similar to sheep shearing. The

10 Best Round Brushes for Blow Drying 2017

Hair blow drying is one hair styling essentials that women have to go through on a daily basis for best look as they head out. But how do you blow dry your hair and attain ample volume at the same time? You use a round bristle brush

10 Best Hot Air Brushes 2017

You have probably been in a situation whereby you are in a hurry and you need quick styling of your hair so that you can look good as you head out. It might be a busy morning as you try to get to work on time, you

10 Best Brushes for Fine Hair 2017

We’re all constantly on the hunt for the next big thing when it comes to hair care. From tools to shampoos to masks; we’re willing to try anything to help give us luscious locks. However, there is one tool we pay no attention to. You use it

6 Best Hair Brushes for Thick Hair 2017

There are times when it feels like your thick hair has a mind of its own. It curls when you want it straight, and it lays flat on your head when you want extra volume, and while it’s easy to blame your styling products, most of the