10 Best Sulfate Free Shampoos for Color Treated Hair 2017

Having colored hair doesn’t make it easy for any person. The color always looks fabulous during the first week, but during week two, you notice that it starts losing shine and the color slowly fades away with every wash.

With the right shampoo, the color will stay in its place as your hair is cleansed. The main requirement would be to choose a sulfate-free product. This guide will tell you which is the best sulfate free shampoo for color treated hair that will make your locks shine.

What Are Sulfates?

Sulfates represent a particular category of detergents that make the shampoo lather. It’s needless to say that you can find them in about 90% of the shampoos available in stores – and no one seems to recognize the danger.

Considering that sulfates are found in most cleaning detergents, you can realize how much of a strong chemical effect they can have on your hair. These are the most common types of sulfates that you will find in shampoos:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
  • TEA Lauryl Sulfate (TEA)
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
  • Ammonia Laureth Sulphate (ALS)
  • Sodium Myreth Sulphate (SMS)

Next time you purchase a bottle of shampoo, make sure that these are not listed on the ingredients list.

Top 10 Sulfate Free Shampoos for Colored Hair Chart

PictureProductParabensPriceRating (1-5)
PictureProductParabensPriceRating (1-5)
1. Honeydew Color Preservation Shampoo for Graying & Color Treated HairNo$$4.8
2. Arvazallia Advanced Color Care Sulfate FreeNo$$$$4.5
3. Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate Free ShampooNo$$$4.4
4. Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan OilNo$$$4.3
5. Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo, Sulfate FreeNo$$4.3
6. Maple Holistics Shampoo for Dry Hair and Flaking ScalpNo$$4.2
7. Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo, 10.1 OunceNo$$4.2
8. RUSK Deepshine Color Hydrate Sulfate-Free Shampoo Yes$$Yes
9. L'Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care SystemNo$4.1
10. Natures Essential Organics Clarifying Shampoo & CleansingNo$$$4.0

Why Sulfates Are Bad for Hair Color

Coming back to harsh detergents used in house soaps – if a detergent is strong enough to clean off all that dirt, what do you think will happen to your hair color? Obviously, it will also be “cleaned off.”

If you use a shampoo with sulfates, the color will barely last three weeks. The hair follicles will be stripped of their essential oils, and the color won’t be able to hang on to your hair. On the other hand, if you use a sulfate-free shampoo, the color can last up to 8 weeks.

The best sulfate free shampoo for color treated hair will prevent your hair from becoming dull and faded, and you’ll be able to shine like a diva under the sunlight.

Top 3 Best Sulfate Free Shampoo for Color Treated Hair Reviews

1. Honeydew Color Preservation Shampoo

This shampoo can revitalize the hair that has lost its shine and keep it vibrant for a longer period. It prevents color fading and offers a glow that can last up to several weeks.

Since it is sulfate free, the formula is not that harsh on your scalp or hair. It has, instead, a coconut oil base that will make the shampoo easily applicable and less prone to breakage. It’s definitely the best sulfate free shampoo for colored hair.

The sesame and jojoba formula prevents the hair color from dulling, and it will moisturize it beyond recognition. It will be so soft that you won’t be able to stop playing with your own hair!

The anti-fade technology is based on antioxidant raspberry oil that protects the hair color from the damage caused by the environment.

Plus, the shampoo smells amazing, so you will be enjoying a sweet scent while protecting your hair color.

The shampoo is also perfect for hair that is losing its color due to age. So, regardless if your hair is dyed or simply does not want to hold onto its natural hair color, this sulfate-free shampoo is the perfect choice for you.

2. Arvazallia Advanced Color Care

This product looks professional and acts professionally by keeping the hair color in. If you have colored hair that is also exposed to harsh environmental conditions and daily styling methods, then this may come as a great aid for you.

Rinsing your hair after using the shampoo may come as a surprise, and not in a bad way. If you are used to seeing color going down the drain, you’ll be surprised to find out that this one doesn’t let the color ‘escape’ so easily.

The color will visibly be brighter and much more vibrant than it used to be.

Plus, a little goes a long way, and despite the fact that it does not have sulfates, you do not need to use a lot of product to clean your hair of any impurities.

3. Redken Color Extend Magnetics

This sulfate-free shampoo attracts you from the brightly colored bottle. Plus, the incredible effects it has on your hair will make it a top product. The hair color is prolonged, and it will last up to a few weeks regardless of how often you wash it.

At the same time, the shampoo uses a smart formula that doesn’t require you to wash your hair every day. This will come as a blessing to you, especially if you have thick, long hair that tends to “soak up” a lot of product.

After using it for a few months, not only will your color be longer lasting, but the quality of your hair will also improve. It will add volume and thickness, and both you and your hairdresser will see the difference.

You will no longer have to spend extra money retouching your faded hair color because this shampoo will do the trick for you.

Your locks will also be soft and delicate to the touch, giving an overall feeling of glamorous healthy hair.

The best sulfate free shampoo for color treated hair is the one that keeps your water clear and your hair color safe. So, look through the options above and choose the product that suits your needs best.

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