10 Best Styling Products for Fine Hair 2017

Sometimes it can seem like there’s a new article talking about the latest haircare hype every hour. Every day comes a new product or a new hair growth concoction; it can all get a little overwhelming.

We’re here to break down the best styling products for fine hair for you so that you understand how to choose the right one for your needs.

Anyone with fine hair is well aware that a quick curl or straightening job isn’t going to fix your hair, so many more steps and products are needed to keep any and all hairstyle in place.

If you’re tired of hair that clings to your head and just acts as dull curtains to your face- we’re here to give you a list of options that are going to elevate your hairstyle; literally and figuratively!

Top 10 Styling Products for Fine Hair Table

PictureNameType of ProductPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameType of ProductPriceRating (1-5)
1. John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7-Day Volume In-Shower Treatment, 4 OunceIn Shower Treatment$4.2
2. Nexxus Diametress Leave-In Conditioning Crème, for Fine and Flat Hair 4.8 oz Leave-in Conditioner$$4.2
3. Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, 0.53 OunceStyling Powder$$4.2
4. It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Blowdry Volumizer, 6 fl. oz. Volumizing Spray$$4.2
5. Not Your Mother's She's A Tease Volumizing Hairspray, 8 Ounce Hairspray$4.2
6. Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Totally Baked Volumizing and Prepping Hair Meringue, 7 OunceHair Mousse$$4.2
7. Kenra Volume Spray #25, 55% VOC, 10-Ounce Hairspray$$4.1
8. Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Hair Styler Fine 5 oz Texturizing Cream$$$4.0
9. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow Out Spray, 4 Ounce Styling Spray$$3.9
10. ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray Texturizing Spray$$$$3.9

How to Care for Fine Hair

While these products will do a lot of the work, there are definitely some steps you can take to get the most out of them and ensure that your fine hair is cared for in the best way possible. Getting the perfect bouncy, voluminous hair takes a lot more than just spritzing it with some product.

  • Wash More Often. Thicker hair types may be able to get away with fewer washes, the buildup of their natural oils takes a little longer to appear greasy. However, fine hair can get limp-looking and get completely weighed down the second a bit of oil builds up.
  • Keep the Conditioner at Your Ends. Similar to the previous point, you don’t want your roots to get weighed down by any moisturizing agent. That is why it’s best to focus your conditioner at the ends of your hair and avoid applying it directly to your roots to avoid weighing your hair down.
  • Use One Product at a Time. With all the amazing volumizing products you’re about to discover, it can be tempting to pack them all on at once and get optimal results; don’t!

Packing on the products can go really bad really fast; the more you apply the more you’ll be weighing your hair down and losing all the volume you just got. Stick to using one product at a time, luckily with the products we’ve listed that’s all you’ll need!

Top 3 Best Styling Products for Fine Hair Reviews

1. John Frieda 7-Day Volume In-Shower Treatment

This miracle product easily comes in as one of the best styling products for fine hair. John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume range, in general, is a godsend for finer hair types, but this treatment in particular works wonders.

The 7-Day In Shower Treatment is to be applied after shampooing and conditioning, and it should be applied from your roots to mid-shaft. It works to lift at your roots to give you added body and volume.

It is recommended to blow dry your hair to get the full effect but many users have found that you still get dramatic results without even blow drying.

What is so amazing about this is that it really does last! Even the best hair products for fine hair can often wear off after 24 hours, but this will keep your volume intact for days upon days. This semi-permanent treatment really is a fine haired person’s dream product!

2. Nexxus Diametress Leave-In Conditioning Crème

Next, in line, we have another leave-in treatment miracle product! Nexxus’ Diametress Leave-in Conditioner works to seal in the moisture your hair needs while giving it luscious volume.

This is formulated with green tea extract and concentrated elastin protein. The elastin protein is what works to give your hair seriously intense bounce and volume that will last! It lifts your hair at the roots to give your hair natural body.

It is a salon-crafted conditioner that works with the aim to not strip your hair of any moisture it needs, rather to deeply nourish it. This is often the last thing on a fine-haired person’s agenda but this nourishment helps with the longevity of the volume.

The leave in conditioning crème has been proven to help increase the diameter of each hair strand by up to 17%! These crazy results are instantly visible; watch it transform your fine, limp hair into thicker, fuller-looking hair!

3. Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

Sexy Hair is a brand that grew infamous for its ability to give insane volume to hair. It has been around for years working to give us all that va-va-voom volume we’re after, and this product is no better example of that.

The Big Sexy Hair Powder Play is one of the best styling products for fine hair. It effortlessly gives you an insane amount of lift at the roots of your hair as well as working to mattify any extra greasiness you may be suffering.

This volumizing and texturizing powder is a great simple way to get instant extreme volume. Its powder formula makes it really easy to work with and massage into your roots, as well as helping with greasiness.

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