10 Best Mini Flat Irons 2017

Flat irons are one of the oldest tools in the game. We all have one, and there are millions on the market. While you may feel comfortable navigating the world of flat irons, it’s often harder to figure out what the best mini flat iron out there could be.

Mini sized flat irons often seem gimmicky, there are so many on the market that just don’t perform well and just add so much time to the process; however, if you find the right one, then it can really be a huge help.

It’s rare to find a good mini flat iron when it comes to usability. Their size is often convenient and easy to pack when traveling

However, you often find that it doesn’t heat up as well and doesn’t straighten your hair thoroughly. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of the top mini flat irons that will give you the same results as a full-sized flat iron!

Why You Need a Mini Flat Iron

Mini flat irons are known for being convenient for traveling, but they’re also ideal when it comes to styling.

  • Short Hair: If you have shorter hair, a mini flat iron is going to be a life-saver. Instead of dealing with a bigger sized flat iron, a mini one will help you get right up to your roots while avoiding any burns.

You can get smaller sections of your hair to make sure you have more thoroughly straightened hair. It’s just easier to manage with your shorter hair!

  • Finishing Touches: Aside from length, a mini flat iron is ideal for the finishing touches and details on anyone’s hair! The size allows you to target any trouble areas or flyaways; it’s easier to get right up to a precise area and fix things.
  • Bangs: This is also a godsend if you have bangs! The slimness of a mini flat iron is ideal for dealing with your bangs without hurting yourself and without getting a pin-straight finish.
  • Curling: Tight curls are also going to be easier than ever when using a mini flat iron; flat irons have always been used to create curls, but it’s difficult to get tiny tight ones with the width of a normal flat iron, so a mini one is perfect for that!

Top 10 Mini Flat Irons Table

PictureNameHeat LevelPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameHeat LevelPriceRating (1-5)
1. FARI Travel Mini Hair Flat Iron400F$$4.6
2. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron360F$$$4.4
3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron430F$$4.3
4. MHU Professional Travel Size 0.5 inch Mini Flat Iron356F$4.1
5. 2-in-1 Mini Hair Straightener Travel Flat Iron374F$$3.9
6. Wazor Mini Hair Flat Iron356F$3.9
7. Conair MiniPRO 1/2-inch Ceramic Flat Iron356F$$3.9
8. Turboion Baby Croc Professional Dual Voltage Mini Travel Flat IronN/A$$3.7
8. Turboion Baby Croc Professional Dual Voltage Mini Travel Flat IronN/A$$3.7
10. NEXGADGET Hair Straightener Rechargeable Mini Cordless Flat Iron338F$$$$3.6

What to Bear in Mind

  • Affordability – While hair tools are often on the higher end of affordability, especially the good ones, mini flat irons are affordable. When it comes to mini sized flat irons, you should never judge by the price. The cheaper brands actually can often work equally as well the more expensive ones- yay!
  • Heat Level – Another factor you should bear in mind when buying a mini flat iron is the intensity of the heat. Obviously, it is the heat that makes a flat iron work best, so when it comes to the ideal mini flat iron, you’re also going to want to keep the heat in mind. The general range is 200F-450F; because of the size, you shouldn’t expect the same numbers as full-size straighteners. Anything at the higher end of that heat range is going to give you the best results.

Top 3 Best Mini Flat Iron Reviews

1. FARI Travel Mini Hair Flat Iron

While the gorgeous purple finish is enough to convince us to pick this one up, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a miracle worker!

Our number one best mini flat iron doesn’t just do the job; it has the added benefit of giving your hair insane shine and radiance. The tourmaline ceramic plates on this straightener give such incredible shine to your hair, we’re obsessed!

The plates also work to heat your hair evenly and avoid damaging your hair; they’re super gentle on your hair and leave you with healthier-looking hair. This mini flat iron is guaranteed to give you salon-quality hair from home.

2. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline

This may not be the smallest of the list, but it’s one of the best. The HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is the dream tool for frizzy hair.

The tourmaline plates found on this one too work to transform your hair into sleeker and straighter hair while eliminating any frizz or fly-aways.

It comes with adjustable heat settings that vary from 240F to 400F so you can personalize it to your needs whether you have finer or thicker hair.

With an advanced infrared heat technology, this flat iron will give you insane results in no time. It distributes heat evenly and heats up so quickly that it cuts the process down a lot- who said mini flat irons take longer to use?

3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

While the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron is not at the top of the list, it stands out from the rest. The Titanium-coated ceramic plates on this iron give it a special edge.

These plates work to distribute heat evenly, and the titanium layer ensures that the tool holds a steady temperature during your entire use. It also works to protect your hair from any damage and help it to retain moisture.

We love the efficiency of this mini flat iron, as with the previous two it works equally as well as full sized straighteners with the added benefits you get from a mini size! BaByliss has always been one of the top dogs in the world of hair tools, and they didn’t disappoint this time.

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