10 Best Ingrown Hair Treatments 2017

If you’ve got an ingrown hair or two, you already know how painful and irritating they can be. For as small as an ingrown hair might be, it can cause significant issues not just with the way you feel but also with the way your skin looks. Plus, leave them without resolve for too long, and you risk developing an infection.

Luckily, taking out an ingrown hair is as easy as buying the best ingrown hair treatment. The only challenge now is finding the right treatment across the countless options available. Flustered by your choices? Let this comprehensive buying guide show you just how to choose the best treatment for ingrown hairs.

Top 10 Ingrown Hairs Treatments Table

PictureNameTreatment TypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTreatment TypePriceRating (1-5)
1. TweezerGuru Tweezers for Ingrown Hair Best Stainless Steel Professional Pointed Blackhead RemoverRemoval tool$4.6
2. PFB Vanish Roll on Shaving Gel, 4 oz Topical$$$4.5
3. Shaveworks The Cool Fix Topical$$4.4
4. Kerah Lane Organic Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula 4 Oz Topical$$4.3
5. Tend Skin Care Solution for Ingrown Hairs & Razor Bumps, 4 oz. Topical$$4.3
6. B&C Skin Tight Razor Bump Ointment Extra Strength - 4oz Topical$4.1
7. Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment, 2.5 oz. Topical$$$$4.0
8. GiGi No Bump Skin Smoothing Topical Solution with Salicylic Acid Topical$4.0
9. Urban Waxx Serious Serum - AHA BHA Liquid Topical$$$3.7
10. Princereigns Post-Shave Serum to Remove Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps Topical$$$3.5

How to Choose the Perfect Treatment

From topical treatments to inexpensive, specially designed tools, there are lots of different options to choose from when searching for the best ingrown hair treatment. Discovering which one of these are the right one for you however, involves much more than just checking price tags and fancy packaging.

Determine which ingrown hair treatment is really worth your money by considering these factors when making a purchase.

  • Topical Treatments vs. Ingrown Removal Tools. There are mainly two different ingrown hair treatments that you’re likely to find. The first are topical treatments and the second are tools specifically made to remove ingrown hairs. Each type comes with pros and cons, so depending on what you prefer, one might suit your needs better than the other.
    • Topical Treatments. These treatments incorporate special active ingredients that address the skin around the ingrown hair. Often, these products aim to soften the skin to make it easier for the hair to penetrate through. This way, it becomes easier to manually remove the hair.
    • Removal Tools. Small, precision tweezers are often the tool of choice for removing ingrown hairs. But there are some other options that are available. Less common are metal hooks and loops that you can press into the skin to drag the ingrown hair out of its pore.
  • Directions for Use. When do you experience ingrown hairs and where do they commonly occur? While ingrown hairs can happen anywhere on your skin, the most likely places they develop are the underarms, the groin, and for men, along the area of the beard.

Some products are specifically formulated to be used on the underarms, doubling as deodorant. Then there are others that can be used as an aftershave, regardless of the area shaved.

For those with random ingrown hairs that didn’t result from waxing or shaving, spot treatments are also available. These products – commonly called healing salves – are slathered over the ingrown hair to relieve pain and encourage proper hair growth.

  • Antibacterial Properties. Ingrown hairs are particularly prone to infection because they cause a break in the skin where they grow from. This perpetually open area of skin becomes a prime area for bacteria to thrive, especially because as long as the hair is in place, the skin isn’t likely to heal.

If you’re buying a topical treatment for your ingrown hair, consider looking for antibacterial properties. This helps guarantee the sanitation of the skin to prevent the development of painful, infected, pus-filled pores.

Top 3 Best Ingrown Hair Treatment Reviews

1. TweezerGuru Tweezers for Ingrown

Ingrown hairs usually become most painful when they’re about to pop out of the surface of the skin. This makes them a bit of a challenge to pluck, especially if you’re using run-of-the-mill tweezers.

The Tweezers for Ingrown Hair by TweezerGuru were specifically designed to target ingrown hairs, making them the best ingrown hair treatment that guarantees fast and instant relief.

The tweezers feature a precision end that makes them perfect for penetrating superficially into the skin to poke out the ingrown hair. The wide finger placement gives users superior control over the tweezers, ideal for small problem areas that need high accuracy.

Finally, the tweezers are made from high quality stainless steel, allowing you to sanitize them with ease after every use. This means you can enjoy the benefits of this top notch ingrown hair removal tool for many years to come without worrying about sanitary issues.

2. PFB Vanish Roll on Shaving Gel

The PFB Vanish Roll on Shaving Gel is an all-around product that you can use after shaving to prevent and reduce the presence of ingrown hairs. The special formulation contains salicylic acid in combination with a number of moisturizers to help soften skin and prevent hairs from penetrating areas they’re not supposed to.

The PFB Vanish Roll on Shaving Gel can be used on different areas of the body, including the face, the underarms, legs, arms, and even the groin. However, because of this all-in-one whole body use, there are some sanitary concerns that have been raised regarding the application of the product.

If you want to use this formulation on different areas of your body, it’s suggested that you use a separate applicator to prevent cross contamination.

3. Shaveworks The Cool Fix

The Shaveworks The Cool Fix is a fast-acting solution that combats ingrown hairs and the pains associated with waxing and shaving. This cooling formulation acts immediately to reduce the burning sensation you usually experience after a shave, and then soothes the skin to prevent ingrown hairs.

The Shaveworks The Cool Fix doesn’t stop there. It also helps nourish the skin to prevent ingrown hairs from occurring in the future. So the effects of the product stick around even long after you’ve finished up a bottle.

Why didn’t it top the list? While it is effective and fast, The Shaveworks The Cool Fix doesn’t guarantee that each user won’t experience side effects. So if you’ve got particularly sensitive skin, you might experience some redness and irritation after using this formulation.

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