10 Best Hair Growth Products 2017

Who doesn’t want thick, voluminous, healthy hair? According to surveys, hair loss is a major confidence downer, especially if it reaches the point of balding. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman – when those strong, shiny locks start to fall out to reveal bald spots, you’ll realize just how you took your hair for granted when you had it.

Don’t worry, though – getting back your hair can be made possible by taking the necessary steps to grow it. The most important part of the process finding the right product to nourish and encourage your hair to grow. Wondering which options are the best hair growth products? We’ve listed the best of the best to help narrow down your choices.

Top 10 Products for Hair Growth Chart

PictureNameUsagePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameUsagePriceRating (1-5)
1. Maple Holistics 100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil for Therapeutic Aromatherapy Stimulating Scalp Treatment Hair care product$4.5
2. BioSchwartz Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin. Exclusive Hair Growth ProductOral supplement$$4.4
3. Ultrax Labs Hair Surge | Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo Hair care product$$$$4.3
4. Sports Research Biotin (High Potency) 5000mcg Per Veggie Softgel Oral supplement$$4.3
5. Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair Regrowth 16 Oz Hair care product$$$4.2
6. Amplixin Intensive Hair Growth Serum Against Hair Loss, Receding Hairline and Baldness, Infused Hair care product$$$4.1
7. Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz Hair care product$3.9
8. Honeydew Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth B-Complex Formula Hair care product$3.8
9. Nourish Beaute Vitamins Hair Loss Shampoo - 121% Regrowth and 47% Less Thinning Oral supplement$$$3.7
10. Groveda Solutions Gro-veda Hair Growth Serum Hair care product$$3.3

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Hair Growth Products

The market for hair growth products is always expanding because of the widespread demand for effective solutions. That’s why during your hunt for the best hair growth products, you’re likely to come across countless options that can make it confusing to make a sure decision.

Unless you’re prepared to go through an expensive cycle of trial and error, it’s ideal that you follow these tips to help you choose the right product for your needs and preferences.

  • Active Ingredient. There are certain ingredients that when ingested or applied, cause hair to grow. Through the years, there has been a lot of research that has gone into identifying which components are most effective when it comes to hair growth, and that’s why a lot of the products available are able to do just that.

Of course, not all active ingredients are effective, but here’s a list of those that are really worth spending money on:

    • Biotin. A derivative of vitamin B, biotin is an essential micronutrient for hair, nail, and skin health. Biotin is commonly sold in the form of oral supplements.
    • Ketoconazole. This ingredient is commonly used against fungal infections of the skin. Recent studies have shown however that the ingredient does have clinically therapeutic effects on hair loss.
    • Caffeine. When applied topically, caffeine can promote healthier hair growth.
    • Sage. Topical sage products nourish the skin and reinforce the follicles to encourage hair growth. It has also been observed to prevent hair loss from occurring in the first place.
    • Jojoba Oil. Turn over any shampoo and you’re likely to find jojoba oil as an ingredient. This essential oil is highly effective at strengthening hair and preventing further hair loss while promoting follicles to grow health hair strands.
  • Oral Supplement vs. Hair Care Products. Hair loss is commonly the result of external factors, nutritional deficiencies, or a combination of both. That said, it’s easy to assume that treating the problem can be done in one of two ways – either topically or orally.

Topical and oral treatments are very different, and may or may not be effective on you depending on the factors that caused your hair loss.

    • Oral Supplements. To determine whether you’d benefit from using oral supplements, it’s ideal that you first identify whether the hair loss stems from an internal issue.

One of the ways you can determine this is by assessing your family history. If you have several relatives who experienced this problem, it could be hereditary.

Another thing to consider is your diet. If you’re not taking in enough of a certain micronutrient, using oral supplements can answer for the deficiency.

    • Hair Care Products. Hair care products specially formulated for hair are applied directly onto the hair. These target things like the scalp, the strands, and the follicles to nourish and encourage them to grow healthy, thicker hair.

Topical options are best if you suspect that your hair loss is the result of external factors such as hair treatments and poor hair care practices.

Top 5 Best Hair Growth Products Reviews

1. Maple Holistics Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

Maple Hoslitics is one of the most popular brands when it comes to natural, organic remedies for a host of different cosmetic and health issues. Their best hair regrowth product to date is the Maple Holistics Rosemary Essential Oil for Scalp Treatment and Health Hair Growth – an all-natural essential oil that’s been proven effective against hair loss.

The product is made exclusively of high grade, cold-pressed rosemary essential oil, which is one of the most trusted organic remedies for hair fall. It’s used by applying the oil directly into the hair and scalp, and then massaging it thoroughly into the area for optimal benefits.

The Maple Holistics Rosemary Essential Oil for Scalp Treatment and Health Hair Growth is fragrant, natural, and effective, making it one of the most coveted hair regrowth products on the market. Plus, it’s also one of the cheapest options. So if you want a budget friendly product that doesn’t risk any side effects, this one definitely deserves to be in your shopping cart.

2. BioSchwartz Hair Growth Vitamins

If you’re in the market for the best hair growth products for women and men, the Bio Schwartz Fast Acting Women’s Growth and Shine Hair Formula with Biotin could be a top pick. Unlike other hair growth supplements that are specifically targeted to only a single gender, this one can be used by all individuals to achieve thicker, lustrous, and healthy hair.

The main active ingredient in each oral supplement is biotin, giving you enough of the micronutrient to help encourage healthy hair growth in just a few weeks’ time. The supplement also strengthens hair to prevent breakage and damage.

A hundred percent natural and gluten-free, this oral supplement is a great choice if you want an effective oral remedy. The only downside is that efficacy ultimately depends on how well your body takes to the formulation.

3. Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Stimulating Shampoo

Tried and tested, the Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo is a trusted product in the market, often considered one of the best hair growth products.

It incorporates caffeine into its formulation which allows it to strengthen hair and encourage rapid hair growth to resolve balding issues. The product is highly effective and is even recommended by doctors for patients who suffer from severe hair loss.

Why didn’t it make first place? While it is effective, fast acting, and safe, the product can cost up to twice the price of other items on the list. So unless you’ve got some extra cash to spare, you may want to check other products in the line-up.

4. Sports Research Biotin Softgel

Containing 5,000iu of biotin in each supplement, the Sports Research Biotin Hair Growth Support Supplement is one of the most potent hair regrowth oral supplements on the market. This highly effective oral treatment can easily regrow hair in just a few months of use.

Each capsule incorporates a hefty serving of cold-pressed coconut oil which has also been said to be beneficial against hair loss. The oral supplement is completely free of gluten, preservatives, soy, and stearates that makes it particularly ideal for individuals with restrictive diets.

But of course, as with other oral supplements, the efficacy of this product depends on how well your body reacts to the formulation. If you don’t see any results after the first month of use, it might be best to move on to a new product.

5. Art Naturals Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

If you’re looking for an all-natural shampoo that will help you grow your hair, the Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair Regrowth is the perfect choice.

Fragrant, effective, and mild, this shampoo is perfect for people with sensitive skin. The shampoo also makes a great alternative if you want a treatment for hair loss that doesn’t compromise the health of what hair you currently have.

Infused with copious amounts of argan oil, this sulfate free shampoo is completely stripped on unnecessary ingredients, reducing potential side-effects and eliminating the chances of irritation. The only reason why it hasn’t made it to the top of the list is because it doesn’t foam up quite as well as other shampoos which users complain makes it unsatisfying to use.

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