10 Best Cleansing Conditioners 2017

When traditional products leave your hair feeling dry and brittle, you turn to the internet to help you find a solution. You come across terms like “no-poo” and wonder what on Earth it has to do with your hair!

If you’re not familiar with the idea of cleansing your hair sans shampoo, then you might not know how a cleansing conditioner works.

You can learn more about these amazing products in this guide. Here, we share our list of the 10 best cleansing conditioner products and provide you with tips that will help steer you toward the right one for your scalp and hair type.

Top 10 Cleansing Conditioner Table

PictureNameVolumePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameVolumePriceRating (1-5)
1. Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner, Back Bar, 33.8 fl oz / 1000 ml33.8 ounces$$$$4.6
2. DevaCurl No Poo, Conditioning Cleanser 32 oz32 ounces$4.3
3. As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner, 16 Ounce16 ounces$4.3
4. Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Unisex Coarse Hair, 16.89 Ounce 16.9 ounces$$$4.3
5. LuxeOrganix Cleansing Conditioner CoWash - Sulfate Free 16 ounces$$$$4.3
6. Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner 16.9 Fl Oz, 16.9 ounces$$4.2
7. Carols Daughter Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Cleansing Conditioner, 12 Ounce 12 ounces$$4.0
8. Renpure Solutions Cleansing Conditioner, Sweet Pomegranate, 16 Fluid Ounce 16 ounces$$3.8
9. Fiske Hair One Cleanser and Conditioner with Argan Oil for Curly Hair 12 oz 12 ounces$$3.8
10. Lisa Rachel Conditioner & Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil & Avocado 12 Oz 12 ounces$$$3.8

What Is the Difference Between a Cleansing Conditioner and Shampoo?

If you’re new to the concept, then this is probably the first question you will ask yourself.

Terms like “no-poo,” “co-washing” and “conditioning washing” all refer to the cleansing of the hair without shampoo. Traditional shampoos contain sulfates, detergents and other harsh chemicals that do no favors for the hair and scalp.

A cleansing conditioner is a product that works to cleanse the hair and moisturize it without the suds and bubbles. Many people associate cleanliness with a rich lather, which is a common misconception. These formulas are free of the surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate, which is one of the most common ingredients found in shampoo.

Do I Still Need to Use a Conditioner After Using a Conditioning Cleanser?

The answer to that question depends on your hair. After cleansing, rinsing and styling, keep track of your hair’s texture after you begin using the new product. You should have a pretty good idea after a few washes whether the product is providing you with enough moisture or if you could use a little extra boost from a separate conditioner.

What Do You Need from a Conditioning Cleanser?

All conditioning cleansers are designed to wash the hair without detergents and chemicals, but you still need to pay attention to the ingredients when choosing one.

Do you have a scalp condition, extremely dry hair, color treated hair or split ends to prevent? When you understand some of the key ingredients used in cleansing conditioners, it will be much easier to choose one.

  • Mint or Tea Tree. Cleansing conditioners containing these essential oils are ideal if you suffer from dandruff.
  • Avocado Oil. A formula with avocado oil will not only offer your locks protection from the sun, but it will also moisturize them deeply.

Tips to Find the Right Cleansing Conditioner

Not sure which is the best cleansing conditioner for your hair type and scalp? Here are a few tips to help make the choice much easier.

  • Thin Hair. Matrix Biolage offers a great cleansing conditioner for coarse hair, which we featured in our table, but they also have a version for thin hair.

It won’t weigh your hair down or leave you feeling greasy.

  • Sensitive Skin. Check the ingredients label to see if “fragrance” or “parfum” are listed on it. If they are, you might want to stay away from the product since these artificial fragrances can irritate your skin.

If the product you like does contain fragrance, just be sure to rinse your face, neck, and back thoroughly after using it to avoid irritation.

Top 3 Best Cleansing Conditioner Reviews

1. Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner

Safe for Color Treated Hair: Yes

The number one cleansing conditioner out there right now is from Unwash and it has received high praise from Allure, New Beauty Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Modern Salon, and even Martha Stewart Living.

It does exactly what any decent cleansing conditioner should do – remove dirt and product build-up from your hair without stripping it of natural oils.

You’ll enjoy frizz-free and static-free hair that doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. It also smells fresh and clean, unlike the Matrix Biolage formula we mentioned for thin hair earlier that smells like men’s cologne.

People’s only complaint about it is in regards to the price (it is the most expensive one on our list).

All we can tell you is that it works and it works well, so if you would rather not waste money trying cheaper products that do nothing for you, spend your money right the first time around by purchasing this one!

2. DevaCurl No Poo, Conditioning Cleanser

Safe for Color Treated Hair: Yes

If you have curly hair and you haven’t yet tried DevaCurl’s No-Poo Conditioning Cleanser, it’s time for you to purchase a bottle!

Whether you have Type 2 wavy hair or Type 4 kinky curls, this conditioning cleanser has the right mixture of ingredients to keep your curls frizz free, voluminous, and hydrated. It truly is a dream product for anyone with curly or wavy hair.

The formula contains peppermint oil and grapeseed oil that stimulate and clean your scalp without stripping it of natural sebum (oil). The formula is very gentle and also helps calm irritated scalps.

Stop using products with all the poo and switch to DevaCurl’s No-Poo. You will love the results.

3. As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

Do you have thin, dry hair? If so, As I Am’s Coconut CoWash might be a great match for you.

The formula contains castor oil, which many turn to as a natural hair growth and strengthener; plus, it has coconut oil that helps moisturize your thirsty locks and keep them soft.

It is a bit different than some of the other products on the list since it comes in the form of cream rather than a dense liquid. It works wonders, however, regardless of the consistency and is probably one of the most popular products on our list.

We tried it and loved it. As I am also has a leave-in conditioner you can use if your hair is extra dry, and the two products combined left us with curls and hair we have never seen before with any other product.

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